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Formerly the media has described Nomi’s voice as: “sultry and soulful”
The Vancouver Province
According to the critics of previous cabarets: the audience, “screamed and cheered” after The Man That Got Away and were equally “wowed with her original ballads.”
Nightlife LANightlife LA
Formerly the media has described Nomi’s voice as: “exquisite”,
The Vancouver Sun
“powerfully resonant”
Hollywood Dramalogue
Frontiers describes Nomi’s performance as “ballsy and sexy”
I was delighted to see a show by Nomi Lyonn’s, the other night. I wasn’t sure about the title “Confessions of an Eco-Nazi”…satirical, funny, musical? But this piece turned out to be all three. Nomi is a very gifted artist; wonderful powerful voice, with a sense of humor to match. Her repertoire is eclectic, varied, and some of her best songs turned out to be originals. This is a musical take on her life, very funny and poignant. A wonderful first draft, that with a judicious ear and e…
Irene SoderbergIrene Soderberg
4-Front Magazine describes Nomi’s performance as “campy, trampy and pure loveliness”
4-Front Magazine
Just a spoon full of xylitol makes the meta-meds go down! If your third eye was clouded by drama last night and you didn’t see the bat signal to catch Nomi Lyonn’s show at m bar, you better start meditating on a way to catch her next one! instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into change, you will open your heart and allow her to guide you into the unbearable lightness of Be-ing. Okay, forget p.c. (SO 2010, SO last decade, and as SO last millineum as fear, anger and greed, tea…
Veronica Bach aka Lotte Trouble