Cabaret Confessions: Sept 2011

Edith Piaf meets Al Gore? Liza Minnelli meets Gandhi? Patti LuPone meets Ed Begley,

Jr.? I can’t quite find the right mash up to describe her, but Nomi Lyonns is her

own force of nature, with a four-octave range and a funny self-deprecating style, so

never mind comparisons with anyone else.

In her show Cabaret Confessions of an Eco-Diva, via song and anecdote, Lyonns

takes the audience through her years in theatre school and Hollywood when they –

astoundingly – didn’t know what to do with her, a multi-talented Canadian entertainer.

In The Sound of Music she played – not Maria or the Baroness – but Nun #7 –

the one who undoes the distributor cap wires on the Nazi vehicle – and she explains

hilariously in song how the whole show was ultimately about her. We also learn

about her obsessions with recycling and composting (Eco Diva or Eco Nazi? Her

husband might vote for the latter, she posits, after she brings home 9 different recycling


All of this is served up with stunning versions of pop hits and show tunes like “Defying

Gravity,” “Singing in the Rain,” and the Leiber/Stoller hit “I’m a Woman,” whose

lyrics were tweaked to tell Lyonns’ eco-obsession story. Lyonns capped off the evening

with a sock ‘em version of Piaf’s signature song, “Non, Je Ne Regrettes Rien.”

The cleverness is created by Lyonns with grand assistance from C. Stephan Foster

and Charles Pelletier.

Nancy Beverly, writer L.A.F.P.I. (LA Female Playwrights Initiative)


April, 2011

“Just a spoon full of xylitol makes the meta-meds go down!

If your third eye was clouded by drama last night and you didn’t see the bat signal to catch Nomi Lyonn’s show at m bar, you better start meditating on a way to catch her next one! instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into change, you will open your heart and allow her to guide you into the unbearable lightness of Be-ing.

Okay, forget p.c. (SO 2010, SO last decade, and as SO last millineum as fear, anger and greed, tea partiers), yogini-goddess-vocal chops out the kundalini-cabaret star Nomi Lyonns has ushered in S.C. (spiritually correct)! she is woman, just like mother earth, and she is here not only to entertain, but to teach and love you into the Age of Aquarius!

This is meta-infotainment for those of you who are ready for it and if you think you are not, think again!

Nomi and her two solar-powered bi-cusped co-writers, Stephen Foster and Charles Pelletier, are ahead of the polarity-shifting change in our world and willing to bring us along for the fly if we allow the teachings – yes, teachings – to flow over us, infiltrate our awareness, and shift our consciousness as we bask in their tantric, high vibrational energy!

And i’m not just saying this for having won the organic flaxseed for having correctly answered the eco-question about non-nerve damaging simple household cleaners for your home (the real question is how to get your housekeeper to use them and stop sneaking in windex…). Nomi’s show was spectacular, and i’m dying to see it again! and again! until I learn the breath and the yoga and the earth-saving techniques she has perfected and all the fabulous lyrics to new, exciting songs for our new age. A poweful triumvirate of talent, the three of them, for the new millineum.”

– Veronica Bach aka Lotte Trouble


“I was delighted to see a show by Nomi Lyonn’s, the other night. I wasn’t sure about the title “Confessions of an Eco-Nazi”…satirical, funny, musical? But this piece turned out to be all three. Nomi is a very gifted artist; wonderful powerful voice, with a sense of humor to match. Her repertoire is eclectic, varied, and some of her best songs turned out to be originals. This is a musical take on her life, very funny and poignant. A wonderful first draft, that with a judicious ear and eye, can be brilliant. Go see her show, Nomi is one to watch and follow.”
– Irene Soderberg

Hollywood Cinegrill

the audience, “screamed and cheered” after The Man That Got Away and were equally “wowed with her original ballads.” 

Nightlife LA

Nomi’s voice is:

– The Vancouver Sun

“sultry and soulful”
– The Vancouver Province

“powerfully resonant”
– Hollywood Dramalogue

Her performance styles are:

“elegant and sophisticated”
– Hollywood Dramalogue

“campy, trampy and pure loveliness”
– 4-Front Magazine

“ballsy and sexy”
– Frontiers

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